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A Fresh Start

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The focus will be on consumer advocacy, especially as it pertains to US tech companies. “Why focus on this kind of justice?” you may ask, as there are certainly bigger fish to fry. One reason is I’m already mulling these issues while editing Techmeme. Secondly, technology touches all aspects of our lives and when the most powerful companies fail to deliver on basic promises, we have to call them out. These companies espouse a certain set of values, and they should live up to them.

Finally, I’ve been on this beat for a while. Consumer advocacy is a theme I have returned to over the years: from blog articles like “Apple needs to change iPhone’s call UI because robocalls are killing us” (which hit the top of reddit and was posted two years before Apple changed the iOS phonecall UI) and “Google is now telling users that its iOS apps are out of date (despite no updates being available)” (which kicked off a news cycle), to personal projects like Pledge to Protest: You are bigger than network effects (which explores how to protest social networks) and Broccoli (a Chrome extension that lets you read websites’ terms of service in a more digestible format). I intend to keep it up, because there are stories worth telling.

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